me and luke

me and luke

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Circle Monogram

Above and below: little boy boxers (sizes start at 10-18 lbs and go up from there). perfect for the summer over a diaper.  

 Baby Stella Cline Smith was born yesterday! So excited for Katie, Dan, Conner, Sophie, Glenda, and Harry! 
Below: These are going to Dallas for Mary Laura! Very girly! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Its Official

Sweet P's is a registered business :)!!! Downside is, I now have to charge Tennessee sales tax (9.25%) on all products I sell.... Upside is, I have TONS more options to purchase unique gifts to personalize! Starting next month, I will be using Monag brand onesies and t-shirts! EXCELLENT quality!!! You can find this brand in most boutique stores that do personalized things. So excited to be able to have access to these now :) I will be ordering white for all my products but if you would like a different color (they have every color imaginable) I can do a special order, I would just have to charge the difference. Now off to work for the night!